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Monthly archive for January 2014

Is your neck mobility limited?

Many people wake up with stiffness in the neck that often goes away as they begin moving around.  However, some people wake up with neck stiffness that doesn’t seem to go away.  This may be because of several reasons, including limited cervical spine joint mobility, muscular tension, […]

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Getting to the root of neck & back pain

The unique Disc Rehydration Program offered at Virginia Pain & Wellness Center is for anyone who suffers from acute or chronic low back pain, neck pain, disc degeneration or disc dehydration, anyone who has a protruding, bulging or herniated disc (also known as a pinched nerve or slipped disc), spinal stenosis […]

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I don’t play Tennis, so how can I have “tennis elbow?”

Tennis elbow is a term used to describe a condition in which any type of repetitive stress/overuse of the wrist extensors can create pain at the outside of the elbow.  Many people believe this can be fixed with a cortisone injection, however, cortisone is an anti-inflammatory which […]

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