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Tennis star Andy Murray and Chiropractic

During this past Wimbledon 2015, tennis superstar Andy Murray  started to experience shoulder pain during his match.  Instead of suffering through the pain, Andy called his Chiropractor to the court during the break and received a chiropractic manipulation (aka an ‘adjustment’) right on the grass court!  Of […]

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Pope Francis does acupuncture and massage therapy!

Did you know that Pope Francis is a proponent of alternative medicine?!  Pope Francis has used acupuncture and massage therapy to help with symptoms caused by diabetes and gallbladder issues in the past. At the Virginia Pain & Wellness Center, you to can get relief from acupuncture […]

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Acupuncture interesting fact!

The earliest acupuncture devices were made from stone, bamboo slivers, or sharpened bone. These were not used to pierce the skin, but rather to press on acupuncture points. The oldest acupuncture needles found date to A.D. 600. These needles were made of bronze, copper, tin, gold, and silver. Today’s acupuncture needles […]

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