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Cupping for acute & chronic pain

As a leader in the integrated healthcare approach to health and wellness, the Virginia Pain & Wellness Center utilizes many tools in the toolbox to treat conditions of all types.  One such tool is the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cupping for treating acute and chronic pain.

Cupping is an ancient practice that utilizes negative static pressure to release myofascial tension and restriction.  Basically, glass, bamboo, or plastic jars are placed directly on the skin over areas of tension and pain.  The air in the jars is then removed creating a vacuum.  This vacuum causes the skin beneath the jar to be raised, or sucked, partway into the cup.  This phenomenon has been referred to as an inverse massage – instead of using weight and pressure to push down on muscle tissue, suction is used to pull it up and away from the body.  This mechanism triggers a chain reaction of events in the body that leads to rapid pain relief.

The first thing that occurs when tissue is suctioned into a cup is a loosening and lifting of connective tissue that facilitates the release of rigid soft tissue.  Essentially, the muscle relaxes.  As tension drains from the area, metabolic wastes and toxins are carried off while fresh blood and lymph flow to the skin and muscle.  Finally, the pull of the cups engages the parasympathetic nervous system which deeply relaxes both the mind and body.  Cupping also helps break up adhesions, scars, and cellulite while improving skin tone.

Cupping does cause the skin to temporarily turn red or purple at the location where each jar was placed.  This cupping “mark” is an expression of the internal stagnation and congestion present within the body at the time of treatment.  They do not appear on everyone and often stop appearing after the congestion is cleared away.

When performed by a trained professional cupping is painless, safe, and profoundly effective in relieving pain and discomfort.  If you are interested in taking steps to be pain free in this New Year, contact us at Virginia Pain & Wellness Center and schedule your cupping session today!

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