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Is your desk job causing back pain?

Do you have a desk job?

If so, then you may be one of many experiencing neck and/or low back pain.  Many people suffer for years before they finally decide to seek treatment for neck and back aches that often comes with the territory of having a desk job.  So what leads to a gradual increase in the neck and back stiffness?  It’s rather simple, and most patients seeking treatment are given a variety of “desk exercises” and education on specific chairs and ergonomics set up to prevent the onset of pain.
Besides the desk exercises, patients often benefit from massage therapy to help loosen those restricted muscles in the neck and low back.  Massage therapy can be a powerful adjunct to exercise; however, it is important to incorporate physical therapy exercises with massage in order to have long-term benefits in posture & pain.   At the Virginia Pain & Wellness Center, patients are instructed in an individualized functional rehab program specific to their particular needs.

So, if you are one of the many that suffer from back pain associated with a desk job, call the Virginia Pain & Wellness Center at 571.926.8918 and get relief today!


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