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Exercise is medicine

Many people often associate medicine as having a pill form.  Did you know that exercise is one of the most effective medications in balancing cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, improving circulation & improving heart health?  Not to mention, exercise also helps to manage pain.  Sometimes the body can send pain signals without having a reason or stimulus to provoke the pain.  Most people believe that pain is a reason to stop moving or is a reason to have surgery because something must be wrong.  This is not the case in many situations and becoming overprotective of movement can worsen the pain.

Functional Rehab is important in teaching people with pain that it is okay to move and often very necessary for the body to function.   Just like a medical doctor would not use the same exact medication for every patient, Functional Rehab utilizes different exercises based on a person’s joint mobility, strength, endurance & functional goals.  If you would like an individual exercise plan, schedule an appointment at Virginia Pain and Wellness Center.  You have nothing to lose, but pain!

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