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What to expect after Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a wonderful, safe, and effective treatment modality for a wide variety of

aliments.  How an individual responds to acupuncture is dependent on an array of

circumstances such as the severity of the condition, the disease history, and lifestyle.


Here are a few things you can expect of experience following an acupuncture treatment:

• You may experience immediate relief from your symptoms during your first

acupuncture visit.  Most likely, however, you will begin to notice gradual

improvement in your symptoms in the hours following your treatment.  Sometimes,

relief is not experience until approximately 24 hours after the initial visit.

• Your symptoms may return within 1 to 3 days of your first acupuncture treatment.

This is normal.  Keep your acupuncture appointments and follow your treatment

plan!  Acupuncture treatment is cumulative.  Each additional treatment will provide

you with more extensive relief.

• Occasionally, your symptoms may get slightly worse or flare-up after treatment.

This flare-up should only last for a few hours.  Afterward, you will notice

improvement in your symptoms.

• Most patients report feeling very relaxed or very energized after an acupuncture

treatment.  Stress relief and restful sleep are happy side effects of frequent

acupuncture treatments.

• While side effects are rare, you may experience some lightheadedness, slight

fatigue, slight bruising, and residual muscle aches after treatment.  These effects

will pass within 24 hours.

• You may become more aware of minor and major changes that occur in your body.

This is excellent.  Body awareness is the key to preventing chronic medical



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