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Why is flexibility important?

Flexibility and joint mobility are extremely important components of functional rehab.  Many people often finish working out or begin a workout without the proper amount of stretching.  Stretching is a vital part of any rehab plan, especially if a person is limited in muscular flexibility, which could increase the risk of injury.   Besides increasing the risk of injury, if a person is limited in flexibility, then the body will often compensate in order to still achieve the desirable movements.  This could lead to further aches and pains because the body is being used in a way which it was not intended to be used.  There are two primarily different types of stretches: Dynamic stretches & static stretches.  Dynamic stretches have a shorter duration and should be used prior to a workout to warm-up the tissues.  Static stretches are used to actually elongate tissue & are primarily performed after physical activity.  If you feel that you are stiff and having mobility issues, schedule an initial examination today!

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