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Migraine & Headache Therapy

We all know somebody who has suffered from migraine headaches and we all know how debilitating it can be and there really hasn’t been any kind of long term treatment that works until now.  The MiRx Protocol is a new FDA-approved therapy, which we do now offer at the Virginia Pain and Wellness Center.

This protocol helps to address two major components of migraine and any type of head pain.  One is the chemical component.  This chemical component helps to reduce the triggers of migraine headaches and it’s a simple nasal spray, which is done in our office, performed by our medical doctor who has been specially trained in the technique.  The nasal spray is painless, takes only seconds and it is done inside of the nose on both sides.  This helps to address the chemical component of migraines and head pain.  The second component of the protocol is the rehab aspect. Most patients who have migraine headaches usually have some sort of neck pain and the rehab component helps to address any kind of neck pain, not just through doing rehab exercises but also through massage therapy, which we also offer here at the Virginia Pain and Wellness Center.

Also important to note,  this procedure my be covered by your health insurance. We can do a simple free verification of your insurance benefits, which will tell us whether the procedure is covered by your insurance. There are about 70 other clinics in the US that are currently doing the MiRx Protocol and we’re all seeing some very good long term results.

If you know anybody that suffers from migraine headaches, tell them about this new protocol. We’re super excited about it.  We’ve been getting some good results from it and it’s something that I know a lot migraine sufferers have been looking for a long term relief from migraine headaches.

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