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MiRx patient video testimonial transcript

Dr. Dal:                  So, this is Dr. Dal of Virginia Pain & Wellness Center and I’m here with Mrs. Karen Robinson who is just finishing the MiRx Protocol for migraine headaches and Mrs. Robinson, you travelled quite a way, right?

Karen:                  Yes, yes. Four hours away and I’ve depended on family and friends and train to get me here. We’re able to make it for 8 times actually for visits.

Dr. Dal:                  Great. So how long have you been suffering from migraine headaches for?

Karen:                  Close to 3 years. It was 3 years with a whole lot of trials of trying to rid of them even in the beginning, my self trying to limit caffeine or diet and I’ve tried all [inaudible 0:00:52] myself to begin with. I happened to, I have counted them. I’ve been to 20 doctors

Dr. Dal:                  Wow.

Karen:                  And I have come up with approximately 24 diagnoses, different diagnosis but never did take care of my headaches.

Dr. Dal:                  Okay, wow. And where do you– can you point to the areas where you usually feel your headaches?

Karen:                  Actually, that has been the hard part because my headaches varied so. I have had them where they’re like behind my eye going down and back and to my neck.

Dr. Dal:                  Okay.

Karen:                  But they varied. That’s what was so hard about it. It’s like tension all the time, sometimes just pressure.

Dr. Dal:                  Okay. And how has suffering from migraine, how has it affected your life?

Karen:                  Oh, my family and our family life, our gatherings and things were practically downed to none at all. We actually… had me on the couch with curtains pulled and earplugs because any kind of senses, just like clatter movements would set my headaches off worse than they were constantly.

Dr. Dal:                  Okay. And you say you’d have tried several other migraine treatments in the past but nothing has really worked. Is that true?

Karen:                  That’s true. I’ve been to 3 neurologists, one was headache specialist and I had 31 injections to my scalp, botox that did not help. We also tried to break the cycle of the headaches by taking 4 or 5 medications at one time for a period of a week to solve those and that did not help either.

Dr. Dal:                  Okay. So, how has your experience been so far with the MiRx Protocol? How are you feeling?

Karen:                  I’m feeling so much better. I’m able to have fun with my grandkids and do things, be out, be in the sunshine. It’s just a whole another world. My family is so glad to get me back.

Dr. Dal:                  Great. And so how has it changed your life? How has the MiRx Protocol changed things in your life?

Karen:                  Just being able to live a normal life is just unremarkable because it wasn’t my way at all to be in the house. It closed up. And even that can depress you, so now, just being able to be out and being able to see movements go by and things such as that is just a big thank you.

Dr. Dal:                  Okay, great. What would you say to anybody out there who, the millions of people who are suffering from migraine headaches as we speak? What would you say to them?

Karen:                  I would say that there’s hope. That my husband had actually found your site and that’s how we connected. He was persistent because 3 years of headaches for me, of course, was a very difficult thing for him. And so, he pursued it and we were able to arrange for me to, I set aside February or a month in which to come and so, I say, don’t give up. If there’s somewhere to go this certainly would be an excellent place to start, instead of me like 30 doctors late or so.

Dr. Dal:                  Okay

Karen:                  It’s just a wonderful thing to be in one place and have the ability to have the technology to do the new procedure and have massage therapy, deep tissue and then also go to physical therapy with people knowing exactly where you’re coming from and what is wrong with you and be able to help you through it. It’s been a very good thing.

Dr. Dal:                  That’s amazing. Thank you for this testimonial. We really appreciate it. We’re so happy that we were able to help you and you know, we will be here for you for anything else in the near future.

Karen:                  Why, I thank you.

Dr. Dal:                  Okay. Thank you very much.

Karen:                  Thanks.

Dr. Dal:                  Here’s another success story for the MiRx Protocol and I’m sure you guys will be hearing from me again. Thanks.

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