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Non-specific low back pain

At the Virginia Pain & Wellness Center, we encounter a lot of different types of injuries, but the most common injury is low back pain.  Some people report low back pain without any specific trauma or related injury to the back.   This is very common and we often term this “non-specific acute low-back pain.”  Regardless if there was any type of injury or not, patients can often find relief with gentle lumbar mobility exercises, stretches & core strengthening.  In fact, research shows just contracting the muscles of the core can help to alleviate low back pain.  Often people don’t realize when they have core weakness or poor body mechanics that may be leading to the back pain.  In addition, doing repetitive activities such as lifting, bending, twisting or even sitting for long periods of time can place stress on the back.  If you would like to receive a full evaluation for low back pain, schedule your appointment today!

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