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Patients getting migraine relief w/ MiRx!

This post is to let everyone know that at the Virginia Pain & Wellness Center we are seeing great results in patients looking for long-term relief from migraines using the MiRx Protocol.  Our medical center started offering the MiRx Protocol about 5 months ago and it’s really starting to build momentum.  Our patients are getting (long awaited) relief from migraines and as a result, the word is spreading family and friends about the treatment.  A few months ago we discharged a MiRx patient after only 7 treatments.  This patient went from 3-4 migraines a week to barely 1 in the last month.  Another MiRx patient was discharged after only 6 visits (she is still continuing the physical therapy portion of the protocol).  This patient is no longer on migraine medication and you can visibly see that she is a different person because she is no longer in agony.   The husband of another MiRx patient (who travels 3 hours to our medical center for treatment) noted that his spouse was able to get out of bed with more spunk than he has seen in years, and this after just 1 treatment!   It’s important to note that all of our MiRx patients have already been under the care of a neurologist at some point and have had diagnostic imaging, such as an MRI or CT scan of the head/brain.  We will continue to update this post with MiRx news going forward.

If you know anyone who suffers from migraines or with head pain, have them call the Virginia Pain & Wellness Center today for relief!

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