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I don’t play Tennis, so how can I have “tennis elbow?”

Tennis elbow is a term used to describe a condition in which any type of repetitive stress/overuse of the wrist extensors can create pain at the outside of the elbow.  Many people believe this can be fixed with a cortisone injection, however, cortisone is an anti-inflammatory which over-time weakens an already weak tendon called the ECRB or extensor carpi radialis brevis, which is often the tendon that is aggravated and causes pain.  The best treatment to improve tennis elbow is to take away the stress leading to the tennis elbow.  In addition, Functional Rehab can help to strengthen, stretch & stimulate healing through manual therapy techniques to help improve the pain as well as provide education in ways to avoid the stress leading to the pain.  Schedule your appointment today if you are experiencing these symptoms!

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