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Getting to the root of neck & back pain

The unique Disc Rehydration Program offered at Virginia Pain & Wellness Center is for anyone who suffers from acute or chronic low back pain, neck pain, disc degeneration or disc dehydration, anyone who has a protruding, bulging or herniated disc (also known as a pinched nerve or slipped disc), spinal stenosis and sciatica, numbness and tingling or pins and needles sensation in the extremities.

We get a lot of calls from patients who are trying to do everything they can to avoid surgery, be it for the neck or the low back and they call us because of our Disc Rehydration Program.  The Disc Rehydration Program is essentially 3 combined therapies:

  1. Spinal Decompression
  2. Functional Rehab
  3. Massage Therapy

Regarding the first component, spinal decompression, there are a lot of offices that do spinal decompression but they only do decompression in the laying down position. We here at the Virginia Pain and Wellness Center also added doing decompression in the standing and sitting position.  To us, it only made sense to be doing therapy in all 3 body positions, the positions that your body spends most of the day in.  We accomplish this through a special set of rehab equipment.  For the standing portion, our patients are placed in a harness and then are put on a treadmill where we take off 40 to 60 pounds of pressure off the lower back while the patient is walking on a treadmill. This helps take pressure off of the discs, helps to rehydrate the discs, and helps to relax the musculature.  The patient then does decompression in the sitting position.  This is very important as the sitting position puts the most amount of pressure on the discs; therefore it’s very important that we do therapy in this particular position as well.

The second component of the Disc Rehydration Program is functional rehab. Functional Rehab is very important because it’s going to help bring back the proper firing patterns of the muscles in and around the injured area as well as to build endurance, stability and strength.

Thirdly, massage therapy. Massage therapy is used to help relax all of the muscles that are doing too much of the work. Usually when an area is injured, the body’s main response is to guard around the area that is injured and the way that it guards is by continuously contracting musculature. Massage therapy will help to relax those muscles while you’re doing the therapy here at the Virginia Pain and Wellness Center.

So to recap, via spinal decompression, we get to the root of what’s causing your back and/or neck pain, this being the disc complex. We then strengthen and stabilize all of the musculature in and around the area of the disc through physical therapy and we help to relax all the musculature around the area of injury via massage therapy. We’ve had patients call us from different states because they were interested in doing our therapy and trying to do everything they can to avoid surgery.

You may be a candidate for the Disc Rehydration Program.  Call 571.926.8918 today.

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