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Do you get shin splints after running?

Are you among the many that are hindered by shin splints in your goals of running long distances?  If so, there may be a couple of reasons why you are experiencing pain in the front of your lower legs.   One of the reasons is poor footwear.  Many people often ask what is the best type of running shoe?  This question is difficult to answer because every foot is different and everyone has a different running pattern, which also may be contributing to shin splints. The best way to determine what type of shoe is best for you is to under-go a running analysis with one of our skilled Doctors.  In addition, a person that has a heavy heel strike may also experience shin splints.  Changing a running pattern takes both physical & mental work.  A person experiencing shin splints can benefit from manual therapy, stretches & strengthening exercises as well as education in changing poor footwear and body mechanics when running.

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