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Total knee replacement: the before and after

Many people often question if they need a knee replacement.  The best person to decide whether or not a person needs a knee replacement is through a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon who will often use imaging and assessment of a person’s functional limitations to make a decision.  If you are among the many suffering with knee pain, then it may be necessary to improve your quality of life and function.
Before having a knee replacement, it is becoming common for surgeon’s to send patient’s to “pre-hab” which can help speed up the recovery process and prepare patients for what to expect after surgery.  Once surgery is completed, swelling is very common and rehab can help to improve the knee joint mobility and improve the swelling.  Most people seek rehab 3x/week for the first 2-3 weeks after a knee replacement, later decreasing to 2x/week after this once swelling, walking & movement become easier.
After surgery, therapy typically lasts between 8-12 weeks depending on the person’s level of fitness & other co-morbidities that may be present.  If you are seeking a place to have pre-surgical or post-surgical rehabilitation, set-up an appointment today!

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