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Why am I having knee pain?

Knee pain is a very common problem that often comes with muscle imbalance, impaired flexibility & sometimes poor footwear and foot mechanics.  The knee is the joint between the hip and the foot that often manifests in pain when their is a problem in the joints and muscles surrounding them.  Patients often come in surprised that they are having issues that are not localized at the knee which may be contributing to the pain.
Even if you have had an x-ray revealing that their is mild osteoarthritis, pain is sometimes not associated with only one issue.  Integrating specific exercises and perhaps, taking away and/or modifying exercises that may be aggravating the knee can lead to a very successful treatment approach.  So before coming to the conclusion that the knee pain is because you are just getting old, come in for a full knee examination to determine what other issues may be contributing to knee pain!

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